For Parents

Parents struggle with common issues: battling over homework, communicating with teachers, establishing basic rules and expectations at home. At times it can seem like parents are more concerned about success than their children, who sometimes seem to lack initiative and a sense of personal responsibility. At home, parents complain of children who lack respect for others in the family and for house rules, or of children who show a worrying level of avoidance, focusing on alternate realities like video games instead of their responsibilities out in the real world.

We help parents get perspective on these and other issues in order to better position themselves with their children as they go through the difficult process of growing up. Finding ways to “drop the worry ball” so their children can pick it up for themselves, establish a more authoritative position in the families’ shared life at home and ultimately to return to that enjoyable parental role of compassionate, supportive bystander are some of the goals of this work.

We offer private consultation, as well as parenting groups: 

Private Consultation

Through private consultation we offer parents a personalized approach to meeting their children’s developmental needs. The initial focus is on understanding each child based on their development in relation to family, school, peers, and achievement. Parents are helped to use this perspective in guiding their own actions and reactions, and in coordinating their efforts with a co-parent and with other external authorities.

Parenting Groups

Finding the right approach to take with our kids is an ongoing task. Small group meetings offer parents a chance to understand their children, and refine and consolidate their approach in a supportive and informative environment. The purpose of the groups is to provide parents who desire ongoing assistance a cost-effective and emotionally supportive way to do so. Meetings are held monthly, and an effort is made to maintain a core group of participants in each group.

To inquire about Parenting Groups or Private Consultation visit out contact us page.